Object: Use MS Kodu to create a light show SOLs: C/T 6-8.10 and C/T 6-8.11

Objects needed:

  • Wisps
  • Paths
  1. Make sure to adjust the settings so your work will save properly. Click here if you do not know how.
  2. open KODU and start a new world.
  3. Go to the Ground Brush and delete the ground.
  4. Go to Change World Settings and change the sky to "Sky:2" Which should be completely black.
  5. Select the Path tool and create a random path with at least 9 nodes
  6. Add 10 wisps with 5 different colors
  7. Program the wisps to follow the paths. Remember that you can copy and paste objects.
  8. Run the program and the wisps should appear to be going all over the place.