Computer Threats  - Questions


1.       Computer threats, such as viruses, trojans, worms and spyware are called?

2.       What is a computer Virus?

3.       How many viruses are there?

4.       List 2 things a virus can do.

5.       What are Trojans and where do they exist.

6.       What are the most common sources of Trojans.

7.       List 2 things a Trojan might do to a computer.

8.       What is the difference between a worm and a virus?

9.       How do worms pose a threat?

10.   List 2 things a worm can do?

11.   List 3 illegal activities that can result in spyware being added to your computer.

12.   List 3 things spyware can do to your computer.

13.   What information can criminals get if you have malware on your computer?

14.   What should install on a computer to prevent malware?

15.   What is phishing?

16.   List 3 types of information often revealed as a result of phishing?

17.   What are the 2 most common ways phishers get information?

18.   Why do phishers use familiar logos and graphics?

19.   List another common phishing tactic?

20.   Why would a phishers tell someone their information is already in jeopardy?