Your Life
Use Microsoft Word to create a document that provides information about you (Descriptive Essay). Include the following:
  1. Intro
    • Include your name (nick, origin, etc...)
    • Date of birth, Place of birth, Height, Eye color, Hair Color
    • Parent’s names and their occupation (jobs)
  2. School
    • Name of all schools you have attended
    • List some of the teachers you have had
    • Rank your favorite subjects in school
  3. Hobbies and Interests - Tell about your hobbies, pets, or collections.
  4. Sports
    1. Tell about your favorite sport and sport team.
    2. Who are your favorite athletes, Why?
  5. Favorites - Tell about any other favorites of yours (ex. color, movies, music, store, food, games)
  6. Goals
    1. Tell about your goals and achievements
    2. How would you describe yourself
    3. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  7. Formatting
    1. Add clipart and wrap it to square
    2. add a Word Art title
    3. Change the font
    4. check spelling and grammer