Sketchup FMS Assignment

SOL: C/T 6-8.3, C/T 6-8.4, C/T 6-8.5, C/T 6-8.9

Objective: SWBAT draw a diagram of their school using Google Sketchup.

Before Review the following:
  1. What does CAD mean?
  2. Who would use a CAD program?
  3. How do you move an object?
  4. How do you rotate an object?
  5. How do you resize an object?

Build FMS in Google Sketchup

  1. You should be able to use the rectangle tool for most of the assignment.
  2. Do not draw any unnecessary lines.
  3. Try to keep the scale reasonable.
  4. Use the pictures and Google Earth for references.
  5. Use the Arc tool for the gym roof.
  6. Ask for help for the angled roof in the front of the school.
  7. Use the polygon tool to create the LGI. In the menu at the top, select Draw -> Polygon. In the lower right type 8 for the number of sides.
  8. Add trees and grass last.
FMS Sketchup
After Ask these questions:
  1. How does your park compare with mine?
  2. What problems did you have? (may want to ask tomorrow as a before question)
  1. A ball field (baseball or Football that you draw - DO NOT DOWNLOAD)
  2. A playground set with slides and swings that you draw - DO NOT DOWNLOAD
  3. Trees and grass
  4. A parking area
  5. Sandbox