Game Room

SOL: C/T 6-8.3, C/T 6-8.4, C/T 6-8.5, C/T 6-8.9
Objective: The Student will be able to use a CAD program to build a game room using objects from the 3D Warehouse.
Before Review the following:
  1. What does CAD mean?
  2. Who would use a CAD program?
  3. How do you move an object?
  4. How do you rotate an object?
During Use the 3d Warehouse to create a game room that includes the following:
  • Air Hockey Table
  • Pool Table
  • Couch
  • Recliner
  • TV
  • Dart Board
  • Pinball Machine
  • Juke Box
  • Coffee Table
  • End Table

  game room
After Ask these questions:
  1. How does your game room compare with mine?
  2. Did you position your objects in a way that makes sense?
  3. What problems did you have? (may want to ask tomorrow as a before question)