SOL: C/T 6-8.3, C/T 6-8.4, C/T 6-8.5, C/T 6-8.9
Objective: The Student will be able to use a CAD program to build a kitchen exactly like the one in the diagram.


Review the following:
  1. What does CAD mean?
  2. Who would use a CAD program?
  3. How do you move an object?
  4. How do you rotate an object?
  1. Build the walls and floor using the rectangle tool.
  2. Use the materials to color the floor and the walls.
  3. All components are found in Kitchen and Dining groups.
  4. DO NOT use the resize feature for any of the kitchen components.
After Ask these questions:
  1. How does your kitchen compare with mine?
  2. Do your cabinets line up correctly?
  3. Are the colors correct?
  4. What problems did you have? (may want to ask tomorrow as a before question)