STOP!...Hammer Time

SOLs CT 6-8.4 - 6-8.6, CT 6-8.8

Create a dancing room in Scratch using the following items:
  1. Party Room - backdrops
  2. Nano sprite
  3. Gobo sprite
  4. Giga sprite
  5. Tera sprite
  6. Pikachu sprite
  7. Can't Touch This - Sound
  1. Open Scratch in a new tab
  2. Select Party Room from the backdrops
  3.  Add the Can't Touch This sound to the background. (upload from the X drive or flash drive)
  4. Add the following sprites:
    • Nano sprite
    • Gobo sprite
    • Giga sprite
    • Tera sprite
    • Pikachu sprite (upload from the X drive or flash drive)
  5. Program the sprites to dance by making them bounce off the sides and change costumes.

  6. Optional - Add 2 more sprites and make them dance.