Goofy Sponge Bob and Patrick

SOLs CT 6-8.4 - 6-8.6, CT 6-8.8

Create a dancing room in Scratch using the following items:
  1. The_Krusty _Krab - backdrop
  2. Sponge Bob sprite
  3. Patrick sprite
  4. goofy_short - Sound
  1. Open Scratch in a new tab
  2. Select Krusty Krab from the backdrops
  3. Add the following sprites:
    • Sponge Bob sprite
    • Patrick sprite
  4. Add the Goofy song sound to the background.
  5. Program the sprites to dance by making them bounce off the sides and change costumes. These sprites only have one costume, so you will have to create new coustumes for each character. Follow the directions in this video to see how to create a new costume.

  6. Add one other Sponge Bob related sprite and make it dance.