Pong Game

SOLs CT 6-8.4 - 6-8.6, CT 6-8.8

Create a dancing room in Scratch using the following items:
  1. Neon Tunnel backdrop
  2. Ball sprite
  3. Paddle sprite
  1. Open Scratch in a new tab
  2. Select the Neon Tunnel backdrop
  3. Add the following sprites:
    • Ball sprite
    • Paddle sprite
  4. Add the code for the ball to make it move and bounce off the walls and paddles.

  5. Program the paddle to move with mouse. 

  6. Add a score add this code to your paddle. Go to Data and click make a variable. Call your variable score.
  7. Add 2 of the following:
    1. Change what the ball looks like.
    2. Change the score if the ball touches the paddle.
    3. Add music that plays when the green flag is clicked.
    4. Add another ball using the duplicate tool
    5. Increase the speed of the ball each time it hits the paddle.
pomg example