School Experiences
Objective: SWBAT create web pages using a text editor and HTML that explain various school experiences.
SOLs: C/T 6-8.1, C/T 6-8.3, C/T 6-8.8, C/T 6-8.9
  • Discuss web programming
  • Explain HTML
  • Review HTML tags
  • Setup Folders
During Use code to center align a heading, change the background color, and add links and pictures.
Create the following pages:

For help with the HTML code use this web page.
  1. page 1 Favorite class
  2. page 2 Favorite teacher
  3. page 3 Favorite school activity
  4. page 4 Best thing that has ever happened to you at school
  5. page 5 Worst thing that has ever happened to you at school
  6. Page 6 Create a page that has a picture and links to all of your pages. The title and heading should be School Experiences.
After Have students evaluate the look of each of their pages