MS PowerPoint
SOL   6-8.3, 6-8.5
Objective: Create a PowerPoint presentation explaining why you like different things in your school.
Read all the directions before starting this assignment. Create a 5 slide PowerPoint presentation about classes or activities you like in your school. Begin with a blank slide. Each slide should contain the following
  • Custom Background (not a theme)
  • Clipart
  • Word Art Title
  • Text box with 2 sentences that explains why you like the class or activity

Your first slide should act as a title slide. On this slide you will need to include your name and the title of the presentation. You do not need to include 2 sentences on this slide. Example Slides ->  Title slide - Content Slide

Using Google Slides
How to add a new slide


5 Slides Total - Each slide must contain the following:

  1. Custom Background
  2. Clip Art
  3. Word Art Title
  4. 2 sentences that explain why you like a particular class or activity (Does not apply to the first slide)
  5. Custom Animation that occur automatically
  6. Slide Transitions
  7. Action Buttons