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Medieval Village

Lesson Topic: CAD, World History SOL: C/T 6-8.3, C/T 6-8.4, C/T 6-8.5, C/T 6-8.9
Objective: SWBAT

Use Google Sketchup to create a medieval village. Your village should contain the following:

  • walls
  • a large manor house or castle
  • streets with buildings
  • houses
  • a stream or pond
  • a church
  • people
  • plants

Before (activate prior knowledge) What will I use to activate prior knowledge? Read a brief description of a medieval village and examine photos of a medieval village

What is the students' purpose for this activity? Students will design and build a medieval village

During (New Knowledge) What are students doing?

          Reading          Listening          Viewing          Doing
  New Knowledge
  Students are to create a medieval village using Google Sketchup. The village should contain all of the elements listed in the objective and use components from the castle folder.

After (Application) How/What will students use to apply the new knowledge? Students will examine finished copy and grading rubric.