SOLs: C/T 6-8.3 - C/T 6-8.5, C/T 6-8.9
Objective: be able to create a simple 3d drawing of a house using Google Sketchup and use the following tools:
  • rectangle
  • push/pull
  • line
  • orbit
  • components
Videos - Part1 | Part 2
  1. Open Google Sketchup and show the example of the house below. Explain that they will use the program to create a house similar to the one below.
  2. Use the RECTANGLE tool to create a large rectangle that will serve as the base for the house they are creating
  3. Use the PUSH/PULL to lift the rectagle up. Have students use their judgement as to how high to make the box, but remind them they are creating a two story house with a roof.
  4. Have students select the LINE tool. Use the LINE tool to find the midpoint of the top width of the house. (the midpoint is is indicated when the point changes to light blue)
  5. Draw a diagonal line from the midpoint down to the front of the box. The line should be between 30 and 45 degrees. This will select where the front roofline will be.
  6. Using the LINE tool to create a parallel line from the end of the roof point to the back of the box. The line is parallel when it turns green. From this point draw another line back to the mid point
  7. Use the PUSH/PULL to select the selection of the box you wish to eliminate to create the roof for the front of the house. Push this all the way to the left side of the house. Repeat for the rear section of roof.
  8. Add windows and doors - Select WINDOWS and COMPONENTS, then select SAMPLER
  9. Browse through the componets to find windows and doors that match the example. Add these by dragging them on to your house.