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Programming a Jet

This will be be your first game using Kodu. This game will consist of a jet that you fly and 4 blimps that you must shoot. One of the blimps should be set to move randomly and shoot, while the other 3 remain stationary. You will need to keep score. Assign 1 point for each hit you make on a blimp. The high score should be 40. You  also need to create a timer set for 30 seconds

Getting Started
  1. Open Kodu and select "New World".
  2. Add your objects 1 jet and 4 blimps
  3. Program the blimps to move randomly
  4. Program one blimp to shoot
  5. Program the jet to fly using the arrow keys and to shoot using the space bar
  6. Add a 30 second timer
  7. Keep score - Each shot the jet shoots that hits a blimp should  be worth 1 pt

Video Help