SOL - 6-8.4, 6-8.8, 6-8.14, WH1.5
Objective: Create a PowerPoint presentation which highlights the accomplishments of the ancient Greek civilization.
How to accomplish the objective:
  1. Create a circle map in PowerPoint on what you know about Ancient Greece - video (How to Create a Circle Map)
  2. Answer the Ancient Greece questions using the provided links
  3. Create an 15 slide Ancient Greece PowerPoint presentation based on the answers to your questions. Please include to following:
  4. Add one slide to the beginning of slide show to serve as a cover page. Make sure you include your name.
  5. Review your work to make sure you have included everything and that you information is accurate. Quietly share your work with one or two of your classmates. When you are satisfied with your presentation you may turn it in.