SOLs - C/T6-8.2, 6-8.9
Picture 1
Picture 2
Final Image


The learner will be able to use layers to create an image that combines a knight logo with a photo of the FMS sign.

GIMP Concepts and Tools


  1. Width and height
  2. Layers
  3. Rectangle Select
  4. Move
  5. Scale
  6. Copy and Paste
  7. Select by Color



  1. Open GIMP
  2. Click File then New
  3. Select a width of 1024 and a height of 695
  4. Copy and paste picture 1 of the FMS sign
  5. Click File then New
  6. Select a width of 600 and a height of 600
  7. Copy and paste picture 2 of the knight
  8. On the menu at the top click Layer then select Anchor Layer (If this is grayed out - it means     that the layer is already anchored.
  9. In the Toolbox select the Select by Color tool.
  10. Click one time on the white area of the picture. This selects all of the white color.
  11. On the keyboard click Ctrl I.
  12. On the menu at the top select Edit then Copy.
  13. Go to your picture of the FMS sign.
  14. On the menu at the top select Edit and Paste.
  15. Move the knight to the upper right and use the Scale tool to change its size to fit in the sky.
  16. On the keyboard press Ctrl L to get the Layers panel
  17. At the top of the layers panel adjust the opacity to 5%
  18. Anchor the layers - Save - Make sure your assignments has been checked.