Written by devvv (09 Dec 2007 05:58 PM)
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Video Help

  1. Like some others, this tutorial is an implementation of an existing Photoshop tutorial.

    Create a new image (700px * 700px) with a black background color.
    screenshot of step 1                  
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  2. Create a new layer - Click CTRL - L to open the layers dialog box. In the lower left click the "Create a new layer button". Make sure to set the layer to 700 x 700 and select "Transparency" at the bottom.                                               
  3. Click Download Picture, open the JPG and copy the cracked soil into GIMP.  At the top click "Layer" and the "Anchor Layer."

    screenshot of step 2
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  4. Now, stretch the active layer on a ball: Go to Filters / Map / Map object and select "sphere". See the settings in the picture below. In the "light" tab select: No light.
    screenshot of step 3
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  5. Invert the colors (Color / Invert). You will get a blue and white sphere:
    screenshot of step 4
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  6. We will now add the exploding rays. For this we first need the sphere streched on the layer: Filters / Distorts / Polar coords. Disable the bottom-right checkbox "To Polar". Click OK.

    Then go to Image / Transform / Rotate 90 CW.
    screenshot of step 5
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  7. Click Filters / Distorts / Wind with the values:

    Direction: Right
    Edge affected: Leading
    Threshold: 5
    Strength: 37

    Use the filter again by pressing CTRL+F.
    screenshot of step 6
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  8. Now we must undo the stretching from before to get our sphere:

    - Turn the Layer by selecting Layer / Transform / 90 CCW. It should now be on the top side.
    - Now select Filters / Distorts / Polar coords. Check the box for "To Polar" again.
    screenshot of step 7
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  9. Now it looks quite cool.

    Select the Blend tool. Search for the Incandescent gradient as seen on the picture.
    screenshot of step 8
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  10. Turn it around and go to Colors / Map / Gradient Map and you have your exploding planet!

    Optionally, you could duplicate the planet layer. Soften this layer with the value 11, turn the transparency of the layer to 65% and change the layer mode to "screen" or "color". Thus, it reached a little more color intensity and softer transitions. Have fun with it.
    screenshot of step 9
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