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Objective: Use the eraser tool and layers to copy part of one photo to another


  • Open GIMP, you will use the program to copy part of a photo to another.
  • In GIMP create a new file 800 X 600 (go to File and New), then copy and paste the picture of the horse.
  • Create another 800 X 600 file (File and New) then copy and paste the picture of the balloon into GIMP.
  • On the balloon picture click on LAYER (at the top of GIMP) then click ANCHOR LAYER
  • Use the Ellipse Select tool and draw an ellipse around the balloon
  • At the top click Edit and Copy.
  • Go to the picture of the horse and click Edit and Paste. This should paste the oval with the balloon onto the picture.
  • Use the Move tool to move the balloon where you would like to place it.
  • Select the Eraser tool and carefully erase the part of the picture around the balloon that does not belong.
  • Experiment by changing the brush size of the Eraser and zooming in.