1. Name the two groups who fought during WWII.
2. List the countries that fought for each side.
3. What was D-Day?
4. What is another name for D-Day?
5. What was the date of D-Day?
6. What was the name of the channel the Allied forces had to cross to get to France?
7. In what part of France did the soldiers land?
8. What was the first thing the Allied troops did? (It started at dawn)
9. Were the Germans ready for the invasion?
10. Some of the bloodiest fighting came at what beach?
11. At the end of June how many troops had reached France?
12. By the end of the day how many Allied soldiers had died?
13. Name the 5 beaches in which the Allied soldiers landed?
14. List seven obstacles the Allied soldiers had to fight through in the Atlantic Wall. Give a one sentence description of each.
15. List 5 pieces of equipment the Allied forces used during the invasion and give a one sentence description of each.
16. What was the name of the unit from Virginia that landed at Omaha?
17. What was the name of the Company from Bedford?
18. What town sustained the highest loss of soldiers of any community in the country?
19. How many soldiers were from Bedford? How many died?