Bike Store Profits

SOLs CT 6-8.4 - 6-8.6, CT 6-8.8
SWBATcreate a spreadsheet, use formulas for specific calculations and create a 3D pie chart identical to the example.
  1. What is a spreadsheet?
  2. Who uses spreadsheets?
  3. What do functions always start with?

Create the following spreadsheet of bicycles and their prices


Use a subtraction formula in column D to find out how much profit the store makes on each bike - example =(B9-C9)

Hide columns B and C to create a chart that looks similar to the one below. To hide a column - right click on the column letter and select hide.

After 1. What problems did you encounter?
2. What does profit mean?
3. Create a Flow Map that explains how the profit was calculated.