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Policeman, Emergency Room and a Pair of Shoes

Lesson Topic: Word Processing, Creative Writing SOL:

Objective: SWBAT Use Freemind and Microsoft Word to create a story

Before (activate prior knowledge) What will I use to activate prior knowledge? Brainstorming using Freemind

What is the students' purpose for this activity? Students will write a story, that includes a policeman, an emergency room and a pair shoes. Students will brainstorm ideas into a web, then share ideas using Think - Pair - Share.

During (New Knowledge) What are students doing?

          Reading          Listening          Viewing          Doing
  New Knowledge

Word Processing

Explain the Hamburger Model as it relates to paragraph structure and the structure of the story. Emphasize the juicy details. Use the examples from the Elaboration page. Students should begin writing. Explain the follow functions of MS Word:
-Add background

-clipart (format layout to square)

-word art (title)

-change the font

-check the spelling.

After (Application) How/What will students use to apply the new knowledge? Students will examine finished copy and grading rubric.