Creating Your Own Computer Game Using Kodu

SOL CT 6-8.4 - 6-8.6, CT 6-8.8
Objective: Create you own game using Microsoft Kodu


Brainstorm some ideas for a game created with Microsoft Kodu.

Complete the following questions in Microsoft Word.

  1. Setting (what does the landscape look like?)
  2. Mood (whimsical, dark/brooding, does the pace of the game go up and down?)
  3. Characters (behaviors, conflicts, friends, alliances?)
    • Main character (protagonist)
    • Opposing character (antagonist)
    • Other characters
  4. Objects (do the trees, buildings, rocks, etc. hold a special function?)
  5. Plot (how does the story progress?)—the hook/inciting incident, rising action, and climax (which in literary terms consist of exposition, rising action, climax, resolution and conclusion.)
  6. Why would someone want to play the game? What will make it unique?

Begin Building your game.