Kodu Maze


SOL: CT 6-8.4 - 6-8.6, CT 6-8.8
Objective: A pushpad chases 7 pucks through a maze and tries to eat them without getting hit by a missile.
  1. What is Kodu
  2. How do you get to the Edit mode
  3. How do you change the background


  1. Create a large square world using ground #54
  2. Use sky #10
  3. Change the lighting to Venus
  4. add a countdown
  5. Use the Path Tool to create walls and build a maze (Rt click). Below is a sample maze from Pac-Man
  6. and an example from Kodu.

  7. Add 7 pucks that wonder when they see anything. Make them shoot a missile every 3 seconds.
  8. Add a pushpad that you can control with the arrow keys.

Program your game so that you control the pushpad with the arrow keys. Try to eat the pucks and award 10 points for every puck eaten. When the score gets to 50 you are the winner. If you get hit by a missile - game over.


Play another students game.

  1. How was it different from yours?
  2. Whose did you like better?